Red Dot Awards for 2018

Happy New Year! A fresh year of work, exploration, and productivity stretches before us! I like to kick off the year with a recent Red Dot Award. The Red Dot competition is hosted in Germany, and celebrates human-centric design and innovative products from around the globe. Last year I reported on the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard in Red Dot Awards for 2017. Starting the year with great design reminds me to bring beauty and elegance to my work.


L16 Computational Camera by Bould Design and Light

This year I selected the L16 Computational Camera, designed by Bould Design, and manufactured by Light, both located right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to their description, the camera “is the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera. It combines an ergonomically refined case, breakthrough optics and the most advanced imaging engine ever created to bring DSLR image quality to a pocket-size form factor. Sixteen image sensors span wide angle, mid and telephoto ranges. There are no extra lenses to carry or change. Based on focal distance, each shutter click captures up to 10 images, which are then fused into a high-resolution photo that can be refocused and adjusted with the Light editing software. Each shot yields infinite photographic outcomes.” 

I love how small, light (about a pound), and compact this camera is, and the picture quality is quite remarkable. You can see a gallery here: I look forward to seeing how the camera evolves.

Red Dot Awards for 2017

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great holiday break, and are ready for a new year of work, exploration, and productivity. I like to kick off the new year looking back to a favorite winner of the Red Dot Award, a product design award that comes out of Germany. Last year I reported on the SLADDA bicycle design, see Red Dot Awards for 2016.

This year I’m happy to report that the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, designed by Feiz Design in Amsterdam, won a “Best of the Best” award in the Communications Devices category. It is a full-size keyboard that is blue tooth enabled, and can be paired with multiple devices. Take a look:

Recall I reported on the keyboard in 2017 in Keyboards for Devices. I can personally vouch for this device as a happy user. I love the light touch, ergonomic design, and sleek look, and am delighted it was singled out for an award.

The Red Phone

This retro red handset is so much fun. I don’t think you can find this YUBZ model anymore, but I have really enjoyed using this low-tech, retro handset, first with my HTC Android and now with my Pixel. It also works with iPad, iPhone, and other devices, but requires a 3-channel 3.5mm audio jack.

It’s not hands free, but I do enjoy the old-school feeling of using a handset from time to time. Plus, I find the noise cancelling features to be a big help for my slight hearing loss, and feel like it cuts down on the cut outs that occur when two people are engaged in excited conversation. It feels more like a normal conversation, versus feeling like a radio conversation (but with no “over” to signify you have stopped talking). Turning up the volume amplifies the speaker voice, rather than every ambient sound.

However, you can still purchase a similar product online – this SANOXY Classic Retro Handset. I don’t have direct experience with it, but it looks like a similar product. If you like kitsch, old fashioned fun, this could be something for you to try!