Do Some Good 2019

For the second year in a row, my colleagues and I participated in the Rise Against Hunger project by packaging dry meals for a family of four. The meals are sent all over the world. The Rise team provides all supplies and equipment, and works with a local coordinator to set up and organize the event. Employees just need to show up with their best effort and a sense of humor.


Rise Against Hunger Infographic


Dry ingredients and packaging equipment

We all look forward to this project for a chance to do some good in the world, and a chance for some healthy competition as we work out the most efficient (and fun) way to accomplish out task.


Pre-packaging step


Details of meal packet contents

By the end, we’ve packaged our quota of meal packets, and spent a couple of hours catching up on the news for folks in the organization while we do something out of the ordinary. If you haven’t had the opportunity to practice doing some good yet this year, I encourage you to look for an opportunity in the next couple of weeks!


Meal packets are packaged and ready to go

Do Some Good

Now more than ever it is important for corporations to invest in the communities in which they operate, or across the globe. A few hours spent on a community-minded project helps the community, expands company brand, and provides an opportunity for employees to network and have some fun.

Collage 2017-11-05 20_50_29

A favorite team project where I work is to pack dry meals for a family of four. With assembly-line precision, a team of three or four packs, weighs, and seals a bag of rice, seasoning, and dried veggies, and has a lot of fun doing it. The packets are destined for various developing nations around the world. I encourage you to take a few hours at this busy season to do some good for the people or community around you.

Networking in the Garden

Recently the Business Women’s Network organization to which I belong at work hosted a volunteer opportunity in Dublin, California. We met at the Dublin Heritage Park and Museums at Dublin Boulevard and Donlon Way, and worked with Master Gardeners Jim and Sue, who keep the park in great shape. Our mission was to spruce up the area around the Museum (a former school house) for spring, and plant some flowers.

I manned a rake for most of my time, gathering up dead leaves and dead branches from winter storms. We had a great team of workers, and had fun while we worked. After our labor, we got a personal tour around the grounds, and of the old Kolb farmhouse, a craftsman bungalow built in the early 1900s.

We did a lot of good, but one of the best things was the chance to forge relationships and network with our peers from work. Many companies are realizing the benefits of doing good in the communities in which they operate, as well as the benefits of getting employees off site for bonding and networking.